Slam Balls and Medicine Balls

Benefits of Slam Balls and Medicine Balls

We love slam balls and medicine balls for CrossFit for a number of reasons:

  • Boss piss you off?  Significant other boggling your mind?  Take your frustrations out on a slam ball.  They are made to take serious abuse over and over which is perfect for CrossFit workouts.
  • They make any workout a lot more fun and even harder.  Throw a medicine ball straight down, straight up, use a twisting core motion for forward propulsion… on and on.
  • They help improve explosive ability while working the core very hard because of the off-center gravity of the balls path
  • You can use Medicine balls to help your clients get proper depth and alignment in their squat.


After looking at similar no-bounce slam balls, we felt like this ball stood above the rest in cost and in durability.  A 3 year warranty and considerably cheaper than any others we’ve seen.  Longer warranty, considerably better price, the choice is simple.  You’ll be saving about $40 per ball you buy, and you have an extra year to try and break it.   Check out the price chart below.

Type Base Price +Ship to NY +Ship to CA
The Slammer – 20lbs $53 $68 $78
D-Ball at Rogue – 20lbs $94 $106 $114
Rogue MK D-Ball $115 $115 $115
Information current as of 10/22/11

“The Slammer” Slam Ball

slam balls for crossfit

The Slammer by MDUSA is our go to slam ball.  First, there are no corks in this product which is very important.  We have used slam balls that when slammed repeatedly on or around their cork, eventually give out and leak.  The ball was put through extensive testing which is why they offer a 3 year warranty, which is the best warranty we have seen to date.  Finally, the cost is better than what we have seen anywhere for a high quality slam ball for CrossFit.  They come in all sizes from 10lb to 50lb in increments of 5lbs.  With a 3 year warranty and a great price, it’s a pretty simple choice.

Pick out your slam balls by Clicking HERE

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Type Price
MD Rage Ball – 10bs $80
Dynamax Med Ball – 10lbs $85
Troy VTX – 10lbs $69
Information current as of 8/1/12

Medicine Balls

You will be saving a lot of money by going with Troy’s VTX, and they offer a 1 year warranty.   However, the Rage Balls come with a 2 year warranty and a complete refund, including shipping, if the ball doesn’t meet or exceed your expectations.  No warranty or promise is listed at Rogue for the Dynamax balls.  Easy Decision… 1. VTX 2. Rage and lastly the rogue / dynamax.

medicine ball for crossfitThe Medicine Balls are used in a variety of ways.  First a medicine ball can be used for wall balls, which is a great full body exercise, which really hammers the legs and cardiovascular system.  Secondly, a med ball can be used as a way to get people to sit back in their squats, and not let their knees trail over their feet. Also, it helps people judge how low they are going in their squats.  Many people believe they are achieving proper depth, but aren’t actually going low enough.  Thirdly, a medicine ball can be tossed around with some velocity too as a core / full body exercise.  A fun way to get some core work in, because that is one that lacks in the WODs usually, is a twisting core exercise.  This is a shame too, because so many sports have core twisting movements… pretty much every single sport in some way or another.

These come in many different colors and weights from 6-30lbs, and they’re all the same 45″ circumference. These are cheaper than Dynamax balls and have a 2 year warranty, plus if you aren’t 100% satisfied, they refund your money and cover shipping.  Sweet deal.

The sweetest deal is the Troy VTX though… to see their line of balls – Click HERE

Standard Rage Balls: Check these out by Clicking HERE