Olympic Barbells for CrossFit

At Gym X, we believe that investing in the fundamental training equipment so it will last years of abuse IS important. However, we also understand those who are on a budget, so we try to provide a full spectrum of options.

When rating barbells, we take into consideration important variables such as durability, strength (lbs or PSI tensile), whip/flex, knurling, collar design, guarantee, and cost. Not only have we used most of the barbells we recommend, but we also read hundreds of reviews and talked to other people who own the barbells.

We start with one low end option, then offer two medium options, then one higher end option, and finally one barbell that stands above the rest.

*Update 8/1/12* – We have found killer prices at Rep Fitness for the Pendlay NexGen Barbells, and aren’t sure how long they will last…  Either check out all the reviews and recommendations below or jump to the NexGen Barbells by clicking  HERE

USA Sports 7′ Olympic Bar

body solid barbell for crossfit- 600 lbs max
- Fairly low cost ($100-$120)
- Great for average lifters
- Good for basic lifts
- Triple coat chrome finish to prevent rusting
- 7 ft
- 43-44lbs

Congratulations, you’re no longer a beginner, but you sure ain’t an advanced lifter just yet. This is a perfect barbell for those of you who will be crossfitting, but not doing heavy Olympic lifting. Also great for almost every average weight lifter out there, as one reviewer has lifted over 500 lbs on this barbell. I wouldn’t push the limits to much with this barbell, but if money is tight, and you fit in the above mentioned categories, this is a great buy.

You can either get a the black finish or the chrome finish. However, one reviewer complained of recieving the barbell with wet black paint. While all others were happy, it is possible to forgo the black for chrome, and this is something to consider. For the cost, and the quality, it is a great fit for many.

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Troy 1500 lb. Olympic Barbell

champion olympic bar for crossfit- 1500 lb rated Olympic Barbell
-Snap Ring Design
- 44-45lbs
- Free shipping
- Medium Priced ($200-$220)
- Black Zinc coating

This is our go to recommendation for people looking for a pretty solid barbell. It will do just fine for people moving some pretty big weights, but they don’t want to splurge on our personal recommendation below. This is a perfect bulk buy for box and gym owners, or those of you looking to add a solid barbell to your garage. The reason for this, is because most of your clients will be just fine with this barbell.

We have been looking for drawbacks for this barbell, but we honestly don’t see any. If you are a serious weight lifter, and especially plan on doing a good amount of Olympic lifting, then we do recommend you upgrade to the HG bar below. However, this middle of the road barbell will satisfy most people.

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Pendlay Nexgen Bushing Barbell

pendlay olympic bar for crossfit- 28.4mm diameter
- Dual bushing design
- Tested with 3500 lbs of pressure!
- Dual snap ring design inside each collar
- Bright zinc coating which absorbs into the steel and reduces the risk of chipping
- Moderate whip (flex)
- Olympic lifting knurling
- Perfect weight tolerance
- Higher end bar ($349) – Price update! $317 + Free Shipping at Rep Fitness
- World unique single piece collar construction
- Gel lubricant allowing optimal collar spinning
pendlay olympic bar for crossfit 2- Reputable Company
- Made in the U.S.A.
- Their bars have NEVER been bent!
- Lifetime guarantee
- Do I have to say more?

Our personal recommendation, and a barbell you will never regret buying. Our personal philosophy, is that when buying certain pieces of equipment, we would rather set aside a few dollars and save up for something good then be unhappy with our purchase. When it comes to bumper plates, barbells, a power rack, and a couple other goodies, we would much rather splurge a bit and go with things that are made to last and built with quality in mind.

That being said, we also don’t throw 500 lbs over our head, so we don’t really need the bearing bar below, but we do move a good amount of weight, and you realllly start to notice certain things when you use a quality barbell. First, the rotation of the barbell is smooth, which protects your wrists. This is EXTREMELY important since we are on the computer a lot and our wrists are already tight. We’d rather not put them in a compromising position because of a cheap barbell that doesn’t rotate well. Another thing you notice when throwing 200 lbs over your head is the whip/flex in the barbell. If you a buy a barbell made for power lifting (strong stiff steal), it won’t give you as good of a whip, which is important.

The only drawback many people see is the price. Sometimes you ARE paying for what you buy, and in this case, it is true. How I justified the expense is that I love to Crossfit, I love to practice my heavier Olympic lifts, and I want something that lasts a lifetime. To me, it has been more than worth it, and everyone I know who has saved up for this barbell has felt the same. I can only say to you that you won’t be displeased with the quality of purchase.

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Weight Sets (HD/Bearing Barbell + Elite/Econ Bumper Plates)

We wanted to make sure that prior to someone purchasing our recommended barbell and bumper plates, that they knew about the weight sets which can save them some serious money.  We believe that certain purchases should be considered an investment, especially barbells and bumper plates.  For between $600-$1000 you can get a great weight set that will last you years to come.  The prices range depending on how much weight you need, and what type of bumpers or barbell you choose.  We highly recommend this route for people looking for a quality weight set.

To get both bumpers and barbell, click HERE
- Click the link above, then click “weight sets” on the left



20kg Pendlay NexGen Bearing Olympic Bar

- 28mm diameter
- High nickel content – allows for maximum strength with perfect flex (unique to this bar)
- 5 high speed bearings in each collar that are constructed in Germany
- Bright zinc coating which absorbs into the steel and reduces the risk of chipping

- World unique single piece collar construction
- A non hand grating perfect Olympic lifting style knurl
- Perfect weigh tolerance
- Tested with 3500 lbs of pressure!
- One of the best barbells in the world ($559)  *Price Update – $549 + Free Shipping!
- Made in the U.S.A.
- Never has anyone returned a bar from bending it
- Lifetime Guarantee
- Compared favorably to Eleiko (barbell used in the Olympic Games) almost 2x the cost

pendlay bar for crossfit

This is one of the best barbells ever made. We can say that with complete in utter honesty. Sometimes, a person just values quality above all else. Not only does this look sick, it performs phenomenally. If you love to do Olympic lifting, we highly recommend this bar. While this would be a great barbell for crossfit workouts, we don’t really recommend that guy of repeated abuse on this… it is like having someone grind the gears of a high-end sports car. However, that is just what we think.

The price is obviously the biggest factor for many people here, which is the one and ONLY negative about this barbell. The 5 high speed bearings spin flawlessly, and every other feature of this barbell is of the highest quality. If you absolutely love moving heavy weights quickly, or are a man who appreciates the finer things in life, we recommend this bar for only those people.

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