Concept 2 Rowing Machine

concept 2 rowing machineWe both know what this is.  This is the flame-thrower that torches your muscles and fries your nervous system.  This is the machine that punishes you for trying to shave off a few seconds.  It says, “give me 100% more effort and I’ll give you a 10% faster time.”

The Concept 2 rowing machine sets the standard for rowing machines for CrossFit.  It’s what you’ll find in any CrossFit box, any decent commercial gym, and it’s what you should have in your home if you’re considering a rower.  Almost no other activity burns as many calories per hour while simultaneously strengthening and toning almost every muscle group.

Why a Concept 2 Rowing Machine?

concept 2 rowing machineThese are especially useful when the weather is terrible and you can’t make it outside for a run.  They are used at almost every single Crossfit box, and rowing is used in a number of CrossFit workouts.  If you have poor rowing form, it can make doing every other exercise a lot harder after you get off the concept 2 rowing machine.  However, if you become a proficient rower, you can learn to minimize your effort and maximize your output.  This is important when you are rowing on a concept 2 rowing machine, because it will burn you in CrossFit workouts if you have never taken the time to learn to use one.

These come with a 2-yr moving parts/5-yr frame warranty, can hold up a 500lb man, and a 30 day money back guarantee.

To check out the Concept 2 click HERE