• Newest Squat Racks and Power Racks

    The newest power rack and squat rack on the market that we've reviewed are the ones from Pendlay. They released a nice squat rack similar to the Rogue S-2 with a pull-up bar included. The half-rack is a high-end one with tons of plate storage and band attachments.

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  • Bumper Plates? Check!

    Pendlay just came out with cheap colored bumper plates! These are a great option for those of you who would like some colored bumper plates, but don't want to drop the cash on the high end metal-disc insert bumpers.

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  • Barbells for Any Budget

    We found some great options for barbells that will suit any budget. Whether you never plan on moving more than a couple hundred pounds, or you need a competition level barbell, we've gathered a selection of great barbells for CrossFit.

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Need Equipment for CrossFit? Welcome!

GymX now officially recommends Rep Fitness for video reviews of equipment for CrossFit!

We review equipment that is useful for CrossFit workouts. Whether it's a barbell or some bumper plates, we've gone out and found some of the highest quality and most useful equipment to help you perform the CrossFit workouts and get into awesome shape. At Gym X, it doesn't matter where you train if you have the right equipment.

"The meaning of life is not simply to exist, to survive, but to move ahead, to go up, to achieve, to conquer."
-Arnold Schwarzenegger

Plyometric Boxes

plyometric boxes for crossfitPlyometric boxes help to improve your explosive strength, speed, and overall dynamic movement ability.

Bumper Plates

bumper plates for crossfitBumper plates are great for letting you push yourself to the limit and not worry about dropping your barbell. An essential tool for many Olympic lifts.

Olympic Barbells

olympic bars for crossfitA good Olympic bar is a must-have in any gym, and especially in a CrossFit gym. We have a number of great Olympic bars reviewed.


kettlebells for crossfitKettlebells are great for building dynamic strength and an excellent conditioning tool. Oh yeah, they’re fun too!

Squat and Power Racks

squat racks and power racks for crossfitA good power rack or squat rack can do double duty as a pull-up bar and a way to perform a variety of other lifts with safety.

Equipment Packages

equipment packages for crossfitOur recommendations of good starter packages for a garage gym, plus bar and bumpers packages to save money.

Misc Equipment

gymnastic rings ropes and slam balls for crossfitRopes, slam balls, medicine balls, weighted vests, and other assorted goodies that are useful for CrossFit workouts.

Paleo Diet Tips

diet for crossfitTrying to figure out how to follow the Paleo diet guidelines and actually enjoy your food? Come on in!


What Is Crossfit?

CrossFit is a program that develops a fitness that is, by design, broad, general, and inclusive. Its specialty is not specializing. It’s built around the idea that many critical situations, such as combat, survival, many sports, and life reward this kind of fitness and, on average, punish the person who specializes in just one area of fitness, such as strength or endurance.

The program is designed for universal scalability, which means people of all ages and fitness levels can work at a pace they are comfortable with. Even better, you can workout with other people and do they same workout they are doing. The program scales load and intensity; it doesn’t change the workouts.

Thousands of people go to crossfit.com to view the daily workout and post times to compare with other Crossfitters. It truly is a community atmosphere where everyone encourages others to succeed. To see the daily workout or read what people are saying about the latest and greatest equipment for CrossFit, check out their site and look in the forums for people talking about equipment.

What To Keep in Mind When Purchasing Gear

There are a few things you should consider when buying equipment for CrossFit workouts. The first and most important thing is durability. We have seen too many bumper plates crack, barbells bend, and so on in a matter of months when people were trying to save a few dollars. This is short term thinking. You have to think of your equipment as an investment which will last you for a long time. Also, if you buy quality equipment, it will have a high resale value, or you’ll be able to hand it down to your kids or your local high school.

Another thing you should take into consideration when looking for gym equipment is cost. Why pay another twenty bucks for a kettlebell when both are solid cast pieces of iron and made to take a pounding? We like to blend this idea of frugality with quality though, because a reputable brand is important for reassurance that they are consistently manufacturing their equipment to a high standard.

What to Buy First – The Most Important Equipment

The final thing to consider is the level of importance each piece of gear has. The first few pieces of gear for CrossFit you should be buying include – a high quality barbell, a set of bumper plates, a pair of dumbbells, a kettlebell, a pull-up bar, gymnastic rings, and a jump rope. Depending on the quality you can afford, this should run you around eight hundred to one thousand dollars. Since most CrossFit boxes / gyms cost about $100-200 a month, this is less than 6 months worth of membership. These pieces of equipment will allow you to do most of the workouts, and if you buy some quality equipment, it should last you years. As you start to save up for more gear for CrossFit, you can do more of the workouts as you add a few more pieces of equipment like a glute ham developer, a power rack, and more.

Good luck picking out your equipment for CrossFit and have fun!

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